‘An architectural code that unveils itself by degrees’

One acronym, four*characters. Four materials. Glass, stone, wood, metal. The sides of a square modulating the façades. Four recurrent elements creating a compositional symmetry for a perfect environment.

* Like a mathematical attribute, the number ‘four’ represents stability and completeness.

The design and the building

The original external façade, its weave of stone squares restored and enhanced, is a compact diaphragm marking the passage into an unexpected dimension. The spectacular main reception acts as a go-between, from the beating heart of the city to the interiors, with two entrances, one on Galleria De Cristoforis and the other on Corso Vittorio Emanuele.

CVE9 also offers the possibility to choose the innovative SocialHub format to live the evocative spaces of the Top Floor in an unprecedented way.

Discover all the functions and services of SocialHub

‘Work spaces that breathe and dilate, alternating their functions.’

  • CVE9

Wide open spaces, individual work areas

    and informal meeting places

    ‘Light and green flood the spaces with a relaxing play on prospects.’

    High efficiency

    Designed for the well-being of its residents, with energy savings, low environmental impacts and the ecological quality of the interiors. The whole building was built according to the most stringent LEED and WELL parameters.

    Project energy class:
    LEED Gold and Well Gold Certified Building

    Open-air spaces

    Natural inserts, terraces and gardens on two storeys. The immersive courtyard built into the ground floor roof located on the first floor. Green areas, wooden steps and seating, and paving in ‘greenwood’ composite wood.